September 2018 Brown Bag: Dr. Richard Barker

The Rebecca J. Holz Series in Research Data Management is a monthly lecture series hosted during the spring and fall academic semesters. Research Data Services invites speakers from a variety of disciplines to talk about their research or involvement with data.

On September 20, Dr. Richard Barker, Research Scientist with the UW-Madison Botany Department’s Gilroy Lab, gave his talk, “Astro-Botany Lab: Undergraduate Research-Based Project Learning.” The slides from his presentation are embedded below. Dr. Barker discussed the growing research being done about plants in space, and what he is doing through Gilroy Lab to generate more interest in extraterrestrial agriculture. For the members of Gilroy Lab, understanding how plants grow in relation to their sensitivity to gravity is a key aspect of their research; by taking part in Data Carpentry workshops, he gained programmatic skills for processing, analyzing, and visualizing that data to better understand it and to share their research with others more easily.