About Us


We are a group of researchers, librarians, IT staff, and graduate students in the School of Library & Information Studies. We have expertise in data/digital information management and experience matching the needs of researchers with appropriate practices, tools, and campus resources. Our mission is assist UW-Madison researchers in their efforts to preserve and maintain their data. We can consult with you on data management approaches, provide assistance with technologies, and refer you to campus resources. Contact us with your questions or to schedule a consultation (at no charge).

You may also wish to join the Research Data campus mailing list. We monitor this list, but it also reaches campus researchers and research staff. To join, send an email to researchdata-join {at} lists.wisc.edu.

Digital Curation Team

Trisha Adamus, Ebling Library (Health Sciences)

Trisha Adamus is the Data, Network and Translational Research Librarian at the Ebling Library for the Health Science. Her interests include data sharing, open access for datasets and publications, data management best practices, data visualization and data management policy. She uses and promotes the use of research networks both on and off campus. Trisha was formerly an eScience Fellow at Syracuse University and a formulations chemist for Bausch & Lomb.
areas: Health Sciences & Biomedical

Allan Barclay

Allan Barclay, Ebling Library (Health Sciences)

Allan is the Information Architecture Librarian at the Ebling Library for the Health Sciences. His interests include web development, resource indexing and discovery, and games and simulation in healthcare. I’m particularly interested in ways to make research data more findable, sharable and usable.
areas: Health Sciences & Biomedical

Bruce Barton

Bruce Barton, General Library System Shared Development Group

My interests include data architecture and design, ontologies, and digital object and metadata management.
areas: Humanities

Luke Bluma

Luke Bluma, Campus Computing Infrastructure

I graduated from UW-Madison with a BBA in Information Systems in 2008, and have been working on campus for nearly a decade (4 years as a student at DoIT, and nearly 5 years as a full time employee at DoIT). I also worked a year in the private sector as an IT Analyst. I am currently the Engagement Manager for the Campus Computing Infrastructure (CCI) initiative which focuses on shared IT infrastructure services (hosting, storage, backup, data centers, etc.).

Erin Carillo

Erin Carrillo, Steenbock Memorial Library

Erin Carrillo is an Information Services Librarian at Steenbock Memorial Library. She has a background in creating online educational materials to support data management planning, and assists UW-Madison researchers with maintaining compliance with the NIH’s Open Access Policy. She is interested in tools that support data management and awareness-raising and education about data management issues and opportunities.
areas: Agriculture and Life Sciences


Jan Cheetham

Jan Cheetham, DoIT Academic Technology

I’m interested in helping sustain the lifespan of research data. My areas include data storage, technologies that integrate data management with research workflows, and the use of metadata standards.
areas: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology

Laura Grady

Laura Grady, DoIT Academic Technology

Laura Grady is a marketing specialist with the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). Her background is marketing, communications, graphic design and writing.
areas: Information Technology

Brianna Marshall

Brianna Marshall, UW-Madison General Library System

Brianna is the Digital Curation Coordinator for the General Library System. She manages UW’s open access institutional repository, MINDS@UW, and helps develop and support data curation services across campus.

Caroline Meikle

Caroline Meikle, Soil Science Department/UW-Extension

I’m an instructional technology consultant in the UW-Madison Soil Science department. My professional interests include the long-term curation and accessibility of digital data, and the use of data visualization and information architecture to facilitate understanding and broaden information dissemination.
areas: Life Sciences

Barry Radler

Barry Radler, Institute on Aging

Dr. Radler’s research interests explore how human beings process information, make decisions, and behave in social, political, and marketing contexts. For the last 20 years he has explored, advocated, and implemented the use of information technologies to improve research processes and data. Dr. Radler is currently the Data Management Director for the MIDUS study (www.midus.wisc.edu), a complex longitudinal study that uses an XML metadata standard called the Data Documentation Initiative (www.ddialliance.org/) to develop web-based documentation.
areas: Health Sciences

Dorothea Salo

Dorothea Salo, School of Library & Information Studies

My professional interests have always involved long-term use and preservation of digital data. I started working with digital text and SGML markup in 1999, and after earning my library degree in 2005, I have run digital-archiving services.
areas: Humanities, Linguistics, qualitative social sciences

Ryan Schryver

Ryan Schryver, Wendt Commons (Engineering)

Ryan is a resource librarian with the Wendt Commons Engineering Library. He has a background in both private sector research and development as well as regulatory management through the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. His current focus is assisting faculty and staff from the College of Engineering, and Departments of Computer Science and Statistics, in developing research background, as well as advising on issues related to intellectual property ownership.
areas: Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics

Cindy Severt

Cindy Severt, Data & Information Services Center (DISC)

Cindy Severt is a Senior Special Librarian at the Data & Information Services Center (DISC); a data library with a collection of quantitative numeric social science data used for secondary analysis.
areas: Social Sciences

Nancy Wiegand

Nancy Wiegand

Nancy Wiegand is a scientist working with geospatial data in the context of semantics. She has contacts within the geospatial community. She also is working with RDF, OWL, ontologies, and other semantic technologies.
areas: GIS

Alan Wolf

Alan Wolf

I direct the UW – Madison Digital Media Center. My background is the life sciences, specifically in systematic biology. Recently, I have been working in the area of digital libraries for the NSF sponsored National Science Digital Library.
areas: Biology, General Science, Education, STEM

Research Data Services is a collaboration between UW-Madison Libraries, DoIT, the CIO office, the Graduate School, and the School of Library and Information Studies to assist researchers with data curation needs. Digital data curation was identified as a campus IT strategic initiative.