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2011 Interviews

Why Data Management Is Important

Bruce Maas, CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology, and Garret Suen, Department of Bacteriology, discuss their vision for data management (Fall 2011)

Documenting Data and Metadata

Cindy Severt, Data and Information Services Center, and Peter Schoephoester, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, describe what metadata and documentation are like in their disciplinary areas (Fall 2011)

Long Term Preservation

Corinna Gries, North Temperate Lakes Long Term Ecological Research Station, John Magnuson, Department of Zoology and Center for Limnology, and Martin Merck, IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory, talk about their long-lived data collections (Fall 2011)

Data Sharing in Research Communities

Amy Remm, Fundus Photograph Reading Center, and Paul Wilhite, Madison Symmetric Torus, discuss the following questions about data-sharing in their research groups (Fall 2011)

2010 Interviews

Federal Mandates

Despite the difficulties inherent in responsible data management, the opportunities are endless when data are widely available. John Stevenson discusses federal mandates to collect survey data (Summer 2010)

Organized Data Makes Research Easier

Kevin Eliceiri talks about how research becomes easier with well-organized and easily-available data (Summer 2010)

NIH Requirements

Kevin Elicieri explains that the National Institutes of Health are moving to institute standards and requirements for data retention (Summer 2010)

The Need for Local Services

With luck, such efforts as this will lead to a better-managed data universe. Researchers such as Janet Gilmore, however, need services closer to home (Summer 2010)

Data From Undergraduates

Janet Gilmore talks about how much folklore data comes from perhaps an unexpected source—undergraduates! (Summer 2010)

Rich Information Source

These images potentially offer biologists and medical researchers much more information than they once did (Summer 2010)

Puerto Rico Census Project

John Stevenson talks about the Puerto Rico Census Project, which digitized a representative sample of census records from microfilm (Summer 2010)

University of Wisconsin Survey Center

John Stevenson talks about the University of Wisconsin Survey Center and its survey data (Summer 2010)

Frustrating Situation

Janet Gilmore discusses her current situation and its frustrations, which will likely sound familiar to many (Summer 2010)

Monica Macaulay Concurs

Monica Macaulay also has frustrations with her current data situation (Summer 2010)

Finding Help

Finding and being willing to accept help can also be a barrier, as Janet Gilmore explains (Summer 2010)

Confidentiality Requirements

Some data have special confidentiality requirements (Summer 2010)

Kevin Eliceiri – LOCI & the Open Microscopy Project

Kevin Eliceiri of the Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation and the Open Microscopy Project, discussing what LOCI would like to help biology and medicine researchers accomplish with data (Summer 2010)

Monica Macaulay – Menominee Language Data

Monica Macaulay of the Department of Linguistics, discussing her work with the Menominee language (Summer 2010)

John Stevenson – UW Survey Center

John Stevenson of the University of Wisconsin Survey Center, talking about the data they collect and how they handle it (Summer 2010)

Janet Gilmore – Folklore Department

Janet Gilmore of the Folklore Department and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Culture, talking about the data she has (Summer 2010)

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