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Registration for Lockdown 2014 is Now Open

This year’s conference at Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC) includes a variety of presentations on important current information security issues, including network phantom surveillance UAV/drone, REN-ISAC update, Payment Card Industry (PCI) update, and more! The conference includes [...]


DMPTool unavailable May 28

As current users of DMPTool may have heard, DMPTool will be upgraded to a new and improved version on May 29th.   This new version will give users increased functionality, such as the ability to add [...]


Data Visualization: Choosing tools and workflows across the research process

Data Visualization can serve as a complement to statistics and as a part of your research process from analysis through publication. Visualization works with the human eye-brain system and can help a viewer see relationships, patterns, and outliers in his or her data.


WordCAKE Tool Workshop Friday 4/25

Please join us tomorrow, Friday, April 25, 1:00 in Memorial Library Commons (4th floor) for a workshop covering the collaborative development and features/use of the WordCAKE tool (link for download will be distributed to participants).  WordCAKE offers an interactive 3D experience for exploring how word frequencies change over sequential texts.