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DoE Proposes First Plan for Expanded Public Access of Research

For University of Wisconsin researchers who rely on Department of Energy federal grants, the other shoe has dropped. To be precise, the DoE’s “shoe” or plan to increase access to the works and data of [...]

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Registration for Lockdown 2014 is Now Open

This year’s conference at Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC) includes a variety of presentations on important current information security issues, including network phantom surveillance UAV/drone, REN-ISAC update, Payment Card Industry (PCI) update, and more! The conference includes [...]


DMPTool unavailable May 28

As current users of DMPTool may have heard, DMPTool will be upgraded to a new and improved version on May 29th.   This new version will give users increased functionality, such as the ability to add [...]


Data Visualization: Choosing tools and workflows across the research process

Data Visualization can serve as a complement to statistics and as a part of your research process from analysis through publication. Visualization works with the human eye-brain system and can help a viewer see relationships, patterns, and outliers in his or her data.