This resource serves as a reference checklist for keeping track of the various elements related to managing data and any research outputs during the course of a research project and once the project ends. The checklist follows the sequence of the Research Data Management Life Cycle, but research projects are often not linear; you may address certain stages before or after others, or enter the life cycle at different stages, depending on the nature of your project. The elements in this checklist are often included in a README for a dataset or for a research project, as a way to describe the project concisely and comprehensively.

The document is available to preview below. Click on the link below to download it and use the interactive checkboxes and access the links within the document, or print it.

For more specific information, please see other resources provided by Research Data Services at UW-Madison. Internal and external links are provided throughout the document as supplementary resources and to point users to other expert groups on campus.

Download as an interactive PDF here.

This checklist is adapted from the Research Data Management Planning Checklist by Harvard Medical School Data Management Working Group, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.