RDS Team

Research Data Services draws on the strengths and expertise of our incredible team of consultants. To learn more about the contributing individuals, please see the bios below.

Trisha Adamus

Position title: Data, Network, and Translational Research Librarian, Ebling

Trisha is the Data, Network, and Translational Research Librarian. Her interests include data sharing, open access for datasets and publications, data management best practices, data visualization and data management policy. Trisha was formerly an eScience Fellow at Syracuse University and a formulations chemist for Bausch & Lomb. Learn more about Trisha and her work with RDS.

Allan Barclay

Position title: Information Architecture Librarian, Ebling

Allan is the Information Architecture Librarian at the Ebling Library for the Health Sciences. His interests include web development, resource indexing and discovery, and games and simulation in healthcare. He is particularly interested in ways to make research data more findable, sharable, and usable.

Jan Cheetham

Position title: Director, Research Cyberinfrastructure, DoIT

Jan is the Director, Research Cyberinfrastructure in DoIT. Her interests include methods to sustain the lifespan of research data and tools that help integrate data management with research workflows. Jan is a biochemist by training with several years of research experience. She drifted into the IT field a while back and her work now centers on IT services and infrastructure to enable research.

Cameron Cook

Position title: Data & Digital Scholarship Manager, Chair - Research Data Services

Email: cameron.cook@wisc.edu

Cameron is the Data & Digital Scholarship Manager for the General Library System. Her role focuses on supporting research data sharing & digital scholarship services across campus. She manages UW’s open access institutional repository, MINDS@UW, and works with and in support of the incredible RDS team. Her interests include building holistic research infrastructures, leadership, building strong organizations, digital scholarship, equity in data & emerging research, and open research. She strives to take a people-centered approach to her work and aims to empower & be an advocate for her campus communities, a translator between stakeholders, an improver of systems, and a dreamer of opportunities.

Aatisha Cyrill

Position title: UX and Research Data Initiatives Assistant

Aatisha is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Science with a specialized focus on User Experience Design at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Alongside her academic pursuits, Aatisha serves as a valued member of the UW Digital Libraries team, fulfilling the role of UX and Research Data Initiatives Assistant. With a passion for crafting seamless digital experiences and a commitment to advancing research through innovative data initiatives, Aatisha embodies a unique blend of academic rigor and practical expertise in the field of information science.

Tom Durkin

Position title: Social Science and Social Work Librarian

Tom Durkin is the Social Science and Social Work Librarian. He is based in both the Social Work Library and Memorial Library. He assists patrons with their research in a wide variety of departments and programs in the social sciences. This assistance includes finding appropriate Social Science datasets for re-use. Tom is the campus representative for ICPSR. In addition to general research assistance, Tom provides assistance with Qualitative Data Analysis, including training for the NVivo QDA application.

Cid Freitag

Position title: Instructional Technology Program Manager and Consultant, DoIT Academic Technology

Cid is an instructional technology program manager and consultant in DoIT Academic Technology. Her areas of interests include digital humanities, information design, and data visualization, particularly geospatial data and mapping, and in the applicability of data and visualization tools in support of students learning research skills. Learn more about Cid and her work with RDS.

Michael Layde

Position title: Research Cyberinfrastructure Storage Lead, Research CI

Michael is the Research Cyberinfrastructure Storage Lead in DoIT.  His focus is campus outreach and engagement involving IT infrastructure services (data centers, computing, storage, backup and archive, networking, and databases).  Michael is a graduate of the UW School of Business and started working at DoIT as a student employee in 2002.

Todd Michelson-Ambelang

Position title: Librarian for Scandinavian Humanities and South Asian Studies; ADA Liaison for Public Services, General Library System

Todd is a subject specialist for Scandinavian Humanities, Classics, Jewish and South Asian Studies, as well as the ADA liaison for Faculty, Staff, and Student Library users. In 2015, he earned his PhD in Scandinavian Philology, performing a study on terminology for impairment and disability in the Sagas and Þættir of Icelanders. In his dissertation research he performed data mining and statistical analysis to create a better understanding for these terms. He plans to continue such lines of inquiry in Digital Humanities. He is also interested in accessibility and Digital Humanities.

Jennifer Patiño

Position title: Data & Digital Scholarship Librarian

Jennifer is the Data and Digital Scholarship Diversity Resident Librarian for the General Library System. Her work includes supporting MINDS@UW and helping researchers with their data needs through RDS. Her interests include digital scholarship/humanities, open data and code sharing, data equity, and community-centered approaches to scholarly communication.

Heather Shimon

Position title: Science and Engineering Librarian, Steenbock Library

Heather is a Science and Engineering Librarian at Steenbock Memorial Library. Her position focuses on research data management and data information literacy. She is a certified Carpentries instructor, and her interests include open science and research reproducibility. She is especially interested in supporting undergraduate student researchers, as well as building communities for underrepresented students in STEM.

Angel Tang

Position title: Science & Engineering Librarian

Angel Tang is a Science & Engineering Librarian based at Steenbock Library. In addition to her participation in RDS, Angel also serves as the liaison to some departments int the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine. She works with researchers of all levels to improve their information seeking and navigation, research data management, and information literacy.

Rahil Virani

Position title: Research Data Analyst & Initiatives Assistant

Rahil is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Information Science. Through his role as a Research Data Analyst & Initiatives Assistant for UW-Madison Libraries, he provides technical and data support for researchers and teams, particularly focusing on MINDS@UW and Research Data Services (RDS). His passion lies in improving library digital services through automation and data-driven research, aiming to enhance efficiency and reach to the diverse UW student community. His work involves gathering data and delivering actionable insights to support strategic planning and targeted initiatives