NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy

Effective for applications starting January 25, 2023 and after, all NIH-supported researchers producing scientific data will be expected to submit a data management & sharing plan as part of their proposals. See the policy.

A great place to start for those new to writing DMS plans is the NIH’s list of Data Terms Related to the NIH DMS Plan and Policy. This list goes through each section of the plan requirements and clarifies key terms used by the NIH in each section.

Resources for Writing a DMS Plan

NIH Data Management & Sharing Plan Checklist


Plan Examples:

Annotated Example Data Management & Sharing Plan

Sample Data Management & Sharing Plans from NIMH

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NIH DMS Policy Presentation Slides

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NIH DMS Plan Workshops for Spring 2023

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Why share data?

The NIH has stated that they are interested in producing cultural change around data sharing with these policies. Sharing data will help not only maximize research participants’  contributions but also foster transparency and public trust in research.

What to know

  • This new policy does not replace or change existing policies on publication sharing, genomic data, clinical trials, etc.
  • The policy affects all NIH researchers generating scientific data and does not apply to training, infrastructure, non-research activities.
  • All data required to be shared in a timely manner, meaning no later than time of publication or end of performance period (whichever comes first).
  • The Data Management & Sharing Plan (or DMS plan) will be reviewed as part of the application –  details on this process can be reviewed in the implementation details
  • Any revisions required will be completed through the Just-In-Time process
  • Reasonable, allowable costs may be included in NIH budget requests
  • The allowable costs can include:
    • Curating data and developing supporting documentation
    • Local data management considerations
    • Preserving and sharing data through established repositories (including data deposit fees)
  • Updates on the plan will be required and included in annual reporting.
  • Non-compliance with the plan after the end of the funding period may affect future funding.

How can RDS help?

We can help review your data management plan

  • Use, log in with your NetID email, and use the ‘Request Feedback’ option after you’ve drafted your plan.

We can help you identify a repository to share your data in

Reach out with your questions!

We can help provide an overview of the policy to your group, help you identify campus resources for data storage,  provide best practice information for data management, and much more!

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