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In this series, members of the RDS team share links to research data-related stories, resources, and news that caught their eye each month. Feel free to share your favorite stories with us on Twitter @UWMadRschSvcs!

Cameron Cook

Dorothy Bishop speaks about the pressure to publish, p-hacking, and research reproducibility on the first installment of a podcast from PeerJ, Bad Science.

This article also digs into issues with the reproducibility of science research, citing that only 13 out of 21 social science studies published in Science and Nature between 2013 and 2015 were able to be accurately replicated.

Kristin Briney is a strong proponent for the use of ISO 8601 for date formats: she writes about how it can (and should) be applied to Research Data Management and included in data management toolkits.

Clare Michaud

This “salty” tool was developed to make clean datasets messy. Once a clean dataset has been run through the program, people learning how to clean data will have a dataset with errors peppered throughout to work with.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Visual Media Workshop created the Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap to help people make their digital humanities projects more sustainable.

The topic of open data found its way to Fashion Week: activist groups such as Clean Clothes Campaign, Open Corporates, and WikiRate held gatherings to discuss how to use data to make sense of the production and supply chains of companies like H&M, ASOS, and Gap.