Our Services

RDS services are free to UW-Madison faculty, researchers, staff, and graduate students.

Data Management Plans

  • We can help draft a plan to meet requirements from federal funders.
  • We can also review your plan and suggest improvements.


  • Data workflow and process improvement in your department, research unit, or laboratory.
  • File-format and metadata standards that fit your research and your community.
  • Digital preservation and archival concepts, to help you avoid losing your work.
  • Advice on data sharing and reuse rights, to maximize your influence and credit.

Education & Training

  • We will train your trainers in data-management best practices.
  • We also train you and your lab, customizing our approach to what you want to accomplish.
  • We come to research-methods courses to train the next generation of researchers.
  • We bring our expertise to your symposium, brown bag, or meeting.