DOE Public Access Plan: Scientific Publications & Data Management Plan

DOE Public Access Plan:  Scientific Publications & Data Management Plan
September 11, 2014  from 11:00-12:15pm
Engineering Hall, Room 3609

L&S Pre-Award Services, together with CALS, Engineering and RSP, is hosting an informational presentation on this new DOE requirement.  Presenters include Julie Schneider from the Ebling Library, and Ryan Schryer and Brianna Marshall from UW Research Data Services.  Those who submit proposals to and have award funding from the DOE should attend.

Please register at the OHRD link

September 25 Webinar on ORCID Adoption by Funders

25 September 2014, 10 am EDT (UTC-4)

Please register in advance for this free webinar.

ORCID is partnering with the Health Research Alliance, a consortium of biomedical research foundations, to host a free webinar on how funders are using ORCID identifiers in their workflows and systems.  The webinar will feature presentations by leaders at private and public funding organizations in the U.S. and Europe.  Join us to learn why funders are integrating ORCID identifiers into common CV platforms, mandating use during grant submission, and leveraging identifiers to improve tracking and evaluation.

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University College London Offers Free Digital Curation MOOC


Starting on May 5, the University College London will be offering a free 8-week, online course on digital curation. The introductory class will cover the development of digital curation along with the main models currently being utilized, as well as a review of the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the field. For more information on the course or to register:

DMPTool Webinar Series Continues


DMPTool Webinar Series Brown Bag

Join us for a ~15 part webinar series on the Data Management Planning Tool, DMPTool, from the California Digital Library.  This series will introduce the tool, discuss how to use it effectively, and describe how it can be customized for institutional needs.  Librarians, staff, and information professionals interested in promoting the use of the DMPTool by researchers are encouraged to attend.

DMPTool wiki

More information on the DMPTool webinar series.

Webinar 1: Introduction to DMPTool. Recorded May 28th.  Slides also available.

Webinar 2: Learning about data management: Resources, tools, and materials you can use. Recorded June 4th.  Slides and bibliography also available.

Webinar 3:  Customizing the DMPTool for your institution. Recorded June 18th. Slides also available

Webinar 4: Environmental Scan:  Identify stakeholders and partners in data management. Recorded June 25th.  Slides also available.

Webinar 5: Promoting institutional services with the DMPTool (EZID as an example). Recorded July 9th.  Slides also available.

Webinar 6:  Health Sciences & DMPTool – Lisa Federer, UCLA.  Recorded July 16th.  Slides also available.

Webinar 7: Digital humanities and the DMPTool – Miriam Posner, UCLA.  Recorded July 30th.  Slides also available.

Webinar 8, Tuesday, August 13, 12-1pm, 126 Memorial Library – Data curation profiles and the DMPTool – Jake Carlson

VIVO Webinar Series

Overview of VIVO

  • What is VIVO with Brian Lowe, Cornell University
  • Implementation with Jon Corson-Rikert, Cornell University
  • Future Directions with Dean Kraft, Cornell University

Slides from the presentation are also available.

Case Studies: VIVO implementations at Colorado, Brown, Duke & Weill Cornell Medical College

  • University of Colorado – Boulder implementation with Alex Viggio
  • Scholars@Duke with Julia Trimmer, Duke University
  • Brown University implementation with Steven McCauley
  • Weill Cornell Medical College with Paul Albert

Slides from the presentation are also available.

VIVO Technical Deep Dive: A look under the hood at the VIVO ontologies, linked open data, and community processes supporting VIVO.

Slides from the presentation are also available.

About the VIVO series

A 3 part series on VIVO, an open-source research discovery tool that integrates information about researchers with additional context from their relationships to grants, publications, research facilities, projects, events, affiliations, and with other researchers.

  • Webinar 1, Overview of VIVO and the VIVO community. Recorded on May 14, 2013.
  • Webinar 2, Case Studies: VIVO implementations at Colorado, Brown, Duke & Weill Cornell Medical College. Recorded on June 4, 2013.
  • Webinar 3,  VIVO Technical Deep Dive: A look under the hood at the VIVO ontologies, linked open data, and community processes supporting VIVO. Recorded on June 11, 2013

Or, view all of the VIVO webinar series recordings and slides at The Duraspace Community Webinar Series.