Information from DoIT’s recent news and DoIT’s Identity Finder information.

What is Identity Finder?

This tool was featured recently by DoIT, but we wanted to cover the information again as it’s a great tool for those interested in ensuring security on their local machines. Identity Finder is a software tool that can help find personally identifiable or sensitive information on your local machine. Finding restricted information allows you to take steps to ensure protection or encryption of that information.

What can Identity Finder help you do?

Help you find in your local storage, emails, network drives, databases and more:

  • social security numbers
  • credit card numbers
  • passwords
  • other restricted information
How do you get it?

For university computers, DoIT asks that you contact your local IT staff.

For personal and home computers, the Campus Software Library has it available for download for researchers and staff.

What else should you know?

Identity Finder is not currently licensed for students.

It is free of charge for both Windows and Mac with a valid NetID for as long as you are with the university.