Information adapted from the Mozilla Science Lab website

What is Mozilla Science Lab?

Mozilla Science Lab is a resource for researchers, developers, and librarians alike to share, learn, and build community around programs and resources focused on open science and open research.

What can it help you do?

Mozilla Science Lab offers many ways to learn and build community around open science.

  • Study groups  – peer teaching and learning, Mozilla will provide tools and template code lessons; you can join an existing study group or start your own.
  • Events – global and local calls to facilitate contributing to open source projects; Mozilla also hosts  regular community and project calls.
  • Resources – materials and guides across many subjects including collaboration tools, project planning, code, open data, and more.
  • Projects – a curated selection of open source tools to help you with your work.
How do you get it?

These resources are available to everyone, you can just jump in!

What else should you know?

The speaker at our October brown bag, Sarah Stevens, included Mozilla Science Lab as a resource for starting your own computational study group so we were excited to share it with our readers. It has great pre-planned lessons for different programming languages as well as field specific lesson plans across a range of disciplines perfect for the peer learning format.

The Mozilla Science Lab also has fellowships for researchers eager to help develop in the areas of open source and data sharing.