Information adapted from Bulk Rename Utility.

What is Bulk Rename Utility?

Much like the name sounds, Bulk Rename Utility is a tool for file and folder renaming. The tool has a GUI interface and includes multiple features for quite a bit of flexibility. 

What can Bulk Rename Utility help you do?
  • Rename files of multiple types
  • Change or substitue text, use auto-numbering, or change extensions of files
  • Preview your renamed files prior to committing
  • Save configurations as ‘favorites’
  • Allows use of regular expressions for renaming
  • Change file and folder time/date stamps as well as file and folder attributes
  • Log activity and create an ‘undo’ batch file
  • Use Javascript to rename your files
How do you get it?

It is available at no cost for personal use only from the Bulk Rename Utility site. Business or commercial use of the product requires a commercial license. There are installation notes, manuals, and change logs available on the download page as well.

What else should you know?

Bulk Rename Utility is only available for Windows users. For those comfortable with the command line in the Windows environment, there is also Bulk Rename Command. If you are a Linux user there is a rename utility you can use. For Mac users, you can do simple bulk renaming from your Finder window by selecting your files, right clicking, and selecting “Rename X items…” or there are renamer tools in the app store. Bulk Rename Utility also has support forums available on their website.