As current users of DMPTool may have heard, DMPTool will be upgraded to a new and improved version on May 29th.   This new version will give users increased functionality, such as the ability to add a collaborator with equal editing rights.

Between 8:00-12:00pm CDT the DMPTool will be unavailable during the first phase of the transition.

At Wednesday May 28, 12:00pm CDT the old DMPTool (Version 1) will be available at You can continue to access and edit your existing plans, but you will not be able to create new plans.  The new DMPTool2 will be unavailable as the data are migrated before the wide release.

At Thurs May 29, 8:00am CDT the new DMPTool2 will available at  All users and plans will have been migrated from Version 1. You can create new plans and edit existing plans in DMPTool2.

Version 1 of the DMPTool will remain available at for a limited time (approximately one month).   You can access any plans you have already created, but will not be able to create new plans in Version 1; new plans should be created in DMPTool2. Any changes to plans in Version 1 will not be carried forward after May 28.

We will be following up soon with more details about DMPTool2.