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In this series, members of the RDS team share links to research data-related stories, resources, and news that caught their eye each month. Feel free to share your favorite stories with us on Twitter @UWMadRschSvcs!


If you’ve had a question about how to do something in R – here’s a handy, searchable table! Content is based on  Practical R for Mass Communication and Journalism.

Harvard Biomedical Data Management has a research data management checklist for on-boarding new lab/project members.


CERN and 10 multidisciplinary institutions and companies have partnered to create an open-source platform, Invenio, for research data management, and are looking to develop a community of diverse members to sustain it.

The PID Forum just put out a new blog post about using persistent identifiers, and the importance of researchers, librarians, and repository managers understanding persistent identifier systems.