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In this series, members of the RDS team share links to research data-related stories, resources, and news that caught their eye each month. Feel free to share your favorite stories with us on Twitter @UWMadRschSvcs!

Cameron Cook

DoIT shared a good reminder that if you’re leaving the university this semester, be sure to review what data you need to transfer or back up prior to leaving. They’ve developed a helpful tool that will provide guidance based on your status.

On Saturday, May 4th – there will be a showcase on communicating research and data through comics at the Discovery building.

DoIT also recently released a blog post detailing how to protect your data while traveling through customs.


Clare Michaud

Carnegie Mellon University recently became the first university to sign up for an institution-wide license for, an open-access research method-sharing program that enables researchers to collaborate easily and create reproducible research.