In this series, members of the RDS team share links to research data related stories, resources, and news that caught their eye each month. Feel free to share your favorite stories with us on Twitter @UWMadRschSvcs!

Ann Engler

Giving careful consideration to the structure of your Excel spreadsheet can save you headaches later on.

Should data scientists have a formal code of conduct? What would it include, how would it be enforced, could it keep up with rapidly evolving technology? See the discussion here.

Here‘s an article about how LOD is helping art history research of Florentine painters.’s blog has an ongoing series called “Humans of Data“. It’s presented as an art piece and features the international data research community thoughts on what they do and why. It’s an interesting read!


Cameron Cook

For those interested in Data Science and who like using R, there’s a free book “R for Data Science” available.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a Data Carpentry event, here’s another great, easy to follow lesson on using OpenRefine by Miriam Posner.

If you’d like to improve your data visualization, watch “Tips for Presenting Data Effectively” by Stephanie Evergreen.