Art has an important role to play in helping the public make sense of complex data in new and exciting ways. Able to see the patterns in the data, artists and data scientists alike, translate information into visual and aesthetic forms that increase awareness and make complicated issues easier to understand. The planning committee for UW-Madison’s Data Science Research Bazaar seeks submissions for artwork influenced by data science or created by data scientists for display. We welcome submissions from both campus members and the public, and encourage submitters to think broadly on the intersections between data science and art.

Opportunities for display:

  • Visual art (limited availability for projection work)
  • Sculptural art (no larger than 5 feet high by 3 feet wide)

Two timelines for display:

  • 2-day display during the Research Bazaar (printed pieces to be pinned only)
  • Long-term (1 month) exhibit in the Hub Central Lobby (art of any medium)

Visibility and show space:

The Discovery Building is a part of the campus tour route that reaches over 80,000 people annually. In addition, the Discovery Building is a popular event space, and is used throughout the day by UW students, faculty, and staff, as well as community members. The Research Bazaar anticipates up to 200 conference attendees during the 2-day event, with the long-term display pieces available in Hub Central to both the campus community and the public during the month-long display. This exhibit will be featured alongside a new permanent piece within the Hub Central Lobby by nationally recognized artist Melanie Stimmell, depicting diversity within science. Art displayed in this area will reach several facets of the community and broaden artists’ visibility within campus and city communities.

Successful submissions will:

  • Include a short artist’s statement about the piece
  • Clearly articulate the piece’s connection to data science or the Research Bazaar’s goals
  • Explicitly state which display opportunity and timeline is preferred
    • Visual or sculptural
    • Printed 2-day display or long-term (1 month) display
  • Explicitly state the medium
    • include approximate weight and size of the piece
  • Be able to be installed and uninstalled by the artist with limited assistance
  • 2-day display should be printed work that can be pinned for display
  • Pieces should rely on limited access to outlets
  • Sculptural art needs to fit through the Discovery Building’s doors
    • No larger than 5 feet high by 3 feet wide

Submissions will be go through blind review and selection by the Data Science Research Bazaar Planning Committee.

Please note that the Data Science Research Bazaar, Data Science Hub, and Discovery Building cannot be held liable for any damage that happens to artwork while on display. For further information or for any questions, please email


The deadline to apply is December 1, 2019. Submit your proposal here.

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