Link Roundup April 2024

Read the article Just One Byte from Letters and Sciences magazine about the ways UW-Madison researchers Annette Zimmerman, James Goodrich, and Clinton Castro are exploring ethical issues raised by artificial intelligence, the amassing of data by tech giants, and the impacts of the attention economy.

Find out more about the $56 million in new funding for research initiatives that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is set to receive after the recent passage of federal appropriations packages.

Check out the schedule for the upcoming Earth Fest, April 19-26, 2024. It’s open to all members of the Badger community.

Learn about the intellectual property model program UW-Madison has adopted to make it easier to make it easier to license discoveries and build partnerships with industry.

Catch up on the updates shared by SPARC  with stakeholders last month about how the joint agreement issued alongside the recent appropriations act included a section on open access that directs the OSTP to produce a financial analysis of the 2022 Nelson Memo. The section states that the analysis should include, “the policy’s anticipated impact on Federal research investments, research integrity, and the peer review process, as was previously directed in House Report 117-395, no later than 100 days after the enactment of this act. If OSTP fails to provide the Committees with the report within 100 days, then OSTP must pause implementation of the memorandum until the agency produces the report.”  SPARC notes that the OSTP is expected to produce the report.