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Cameron Cook

UW-Madison will be gradually resuming research activities on campus this Fall semester. The process will proceed in phases and include ongoing safety measures. Visit the VCRGE page to read more about these safety measures, how to request approval for returning to campus, and an FAQ for researchers.

Jennifer Patino

American Family Insurance Data Institute has awarded nine teams of UW-Madison faculty “mini grants” totaling around $1 million. The funds were awarded on a competitive basis and are aimed at advancing data science at the university. Follow the link to read descriptions of the projects.

This article from Financial Times gives an excellent overview of how AI and machine learning techniques are being used to speed up research in the humanities and improving AI’s capabilities in turn. It also highlights warnings from scholars to be critical of the ways in which using machine learning to make decisions about record retention or to analyze incomplete archival sources can exacerbate gaps in the historical record, especially for groups with less power and privilege.

Kent Emerson

Read about the researchers at UW-Madison leading a coalition of scientists combating COVID-19. They have pooled their expertise in data mining, data visualization, and other computational approaches to find ways to understand and model the spread of the virus in Wisconsin.

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