Share your data with UW-Madison’s Dryad membership!

Information adapted from Dryad.

We are excited to announce that UW-Madison is now a member of Dryad, an open-access data repository where you can publish and publicly share your research data. This membership was pursued in partnership between the Libraries and DoIT.

Dryad was started by a community of researchers and is used by researchers worldwide to meet funder and publisher mandates for data publication. Dryad has been a repository we’ve recommended for a number of years and we are glad to say that with our institutional membership, depositing in Dryad is now free to UW-Madison researchers! 

Is your research data right for Dryad?

  • You are a UW-Madison researcher with a netID
  • The total dataset is 300GB or less
  • The data is able to be open access and:
    • Is not sensitive
    • Does not contain personally identifiable human subject information
  • The data is able to be licensed with the Creative Commons Zero waiver (CC0)

(Note: if your data is not appropriate for Dryad or you would prefer a different repository, reach out to Research Data Services for support in selecting another repository. MINDS@UW, UW’s institutional repository managed by the UW-Madison Libraries, may also be another great option.)

Dryad Benefits:

  • Complete journal integration – Dryad is leading the way in data publishing through partnerships with major publishers and journals to make manuscript submission easy.
  • Compliance with funder mandates – Dryad’s combination of services meets funder data sharing mandates.
  • Track the reach of your data – Dryad provides metrics that measure the number of times an individual data publication has been viewed, cited, and downloaded.
  • Seamlessly connect software and data –when researchers submit to Dryad, they have the option to upload code, scripts, and software packages which will be automatically sent to Zenodo.
  • First-rate data quality – all data submitted to Dryad are reviewed by a professional curator for data and metadata integrity.
  • Maximized data discovery – Dryad’s data publications are citable, shareable, and discoverable through major indexing services like Google Dataset Search and more.
  • Robust infrastructure and preservation services – all data published in Dryad are safely preserved in a Core Trust Seal-certified repository.

Ready to get started? 

Dryad requires an ORCID iD to login. Once you have an ORCID iD:

  • Log in using your ORCID credentials, 
  • You’ll then be prompted to authorize the connection between  your Dryad and ORCID accounts
  • Finally, you’ll be prompted to select UW-Madison from a drop-down menu and use your netID to associate your account with our institution
  • Now, you’re ready to deposit!

To learn more about other data sharing options at UW-Madison, visit our page on data sharing.