Tool: Foundation Maps

What Is Foundation Maps?

Foundation Maps is a data visualization tool designed to help funders and grantseekers see who is funding what projects and where around the world those projects are located. Foundation Maps was developed by the Foundation Center. Since we know that many people in our audience receive grant funding, and may find the visualization of the distribution of funding interesting to explore, we thought we would share this tool.


Look to Open Source Options for GIS Software

Topographic map of a hiking trail made using QGIS

Creating maps as a way to communicate data is becoming increasingly popular across and integrated into a broader set of academic disciplines. In the humanities, mapping is often used to create visual and interactive objects of  scholarship from research in subjects such as history or literature; in public health, maps can be used to show the spread or prevalence of disease. Certain mapping and geospatial data management software is prohibitively expensive, but some equally powerful open-source options have emerged, making the incorporation of mapping into research workflows more easily accessible and available. Continue reading to discover some of the most popular open-source options for geospatial data analysis and visualization. (more…)