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In this series, members of the RDS team share links to research data-related stories, resources, and news that caught their eye each month. Feel free to share your favorite stories with us on Twitter @UWMadRschSvcs!

Cameron Cook

This article talks about some of the challenges for sharing open data in qualitative research.

This past month, Reddit competed to visualize 166 years of ice freeze and thaw date data from Lake Mendota

For a little humor this month, this XKCD comic pokes fun at the ways in which we often share data (H/T our colleague, Kristin Briney at UWM).

Clare Michaud

A presentation from the Music Library Association Annual Meeting, Music Research Data Management: A DH Perspective, discusses the place of research data for music scholars and performers, and how music research data is created, used, re-used, shared, and discovered. is a new open-source geospatial analysis tool for large datasets.