This Spring, we are working on updating and enhancing our resources on best practices for managing data and creating data management plans. Continue reading to find out about some of the recent updates to our Learn About Data Management pages.

Our page on File Naming and Versioning now includes some updated tips on best practices for creating file and folder names, such as important information to include in a file name and how to track versioning through file names. We also added an example of a file name that fits the best practices for file-naming, and explain how it reflects our recommendations.

Our Storage and Backup page has been updated to include UW-Madison’s access to the electronic lab notebook software LabArchive as an option for file storage. UW-Madison’s instance of LabArchive provides extra data security, such as encryption and firewalls. We have also added more specifications about who to contact at UW-Madison if you deal with sensitive human information that may be subject to HIPAA regulations.

We have brought more content and context to our page on Sustainable Data Formats, adding recommended and acceptable formats for a variety of data types, including textual, tabular, audio/visual, geospatial, and more! Whenever possible, we recommend using non-propriety, open file types to avoid obsolescence that can occur with software updates and to make your data files more easily sharable.

We are continually updating our resources on best practices for managing your data, so stay tuned for further updates, including a primer on creating a data management plan! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your data management practices.