We’re happy to announce that we have recently made two new resources available on our website! You can find our Research Data Management Onboarding Checklist and the Research Data Management Planning Checklist in the Resources tab on our website.

The Onboarding Checklist is a general research data management-focused guide for training new employees or lab group members, or for people who are beginning a new project. The document contains two separate checklists that cover both scenarios: the Checklist for Joining a New Lab and the Checklist for Joining a New Project.

Download the Onboarding Checklist to use it interactively here.

The Planning Checklist allows you to keep track of the various elements related to managing data and any research outputs during the course of a research project and once the project ends. This checklist follows the sequence of the Research Data Management Life Cycle, but keep in mind that research projects are often not linear, and you may need to address certain stages before or after others, or enter the life cycle at different points depending on the nature of your project.

This checklist can help seed the information for your project or dataset’s README file as the elements in this checklist are also commonly included in README information as a way to describe the project concisely and comprehensively. This checklist also covers the information that you would need to provide in a data management plan when applying for funding.

Download the Planning Checklist to use it interactively here.

If you have questions about using either of these resources, or about the details within each checklist, please contact us