Information adapted from CodingBat Python website.

What is CodingBat Python?

CodingBat Python is a website that offers Python coding problems you can work through for practice (it also offers Java problems). It was created by Nick Parlante, a computer science lecturer at Stanford. It’s geared towards beginners, although some knowledge of Python is required. The website notes that these problems are the sort you’d encounter in a first or second computer science course.

What can CodingBat Python help you do?

If you’re new to Python, this can be a great way to practice. There’s also a help section with explanations and videos if you get stuck.

How do you get it?

CodingBat Python is a free website. You can create an account if you wish to be able to return to your work, but it’s not required.

What else should you know?

If you’re already a Python pro, this is probably not for you unless you’re teaching it to others and looking for example problems. If you’re just beginning to learn Python, this may be a helpful resource for you to practice with!