Link Roundup December 2021

Cameron Cook

The 2021 State of Open Data report is now available.

Registrations on the Open Science Framework (OSF) are now updatable and preserved on the Internet Archive. Learn more about preregistration on OSF and read their blogpost on the importance of preregistration and why you might update one.

OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association) shared a summary of a recent report that found that while COVID-19 research has been freely accessible, both preprints and research data sharing remained low. The summary includes an overview of some of the suggestions for cultural change.

Jennifer Patiño

Timnit Gebru recently launched the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR), a new AI ethics research institute which will focus on documenting the harms of this technology on marginalized groups and developing applications that can have positive impacts.

A new study examines how both scholars and non-scholars engage in dissemination of datasets on Twitter.

This article from NPR shows how a coalition of data analysts from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, foundation directors, epidemiologists and others were able to  document racial disparities in Pittsburgh, which had the largest impact on the city’s Black community, during the COVID-19 pandemic and advocate for equity.