Tool: ATLAS.ti

Information adapted from ATLAS.ti website

What is ATLAS.ti?

ATLAS.ti is a software workbench that helps you perform qualitative analysis on large amounts of text, graphics, audio, or video. ATLAS.ti supports a wide range of data formats, including most common text formats (including .txt, .doc., .docx, and .pdf), “dozens” of graphic and audio formats including .wav and .mp3, and many common video formats. You can also import data from Twitter or Evernote, surveys, or a reference manager.


Tool: Identity Finder

Information from DoIT’s recent news and DoIT’s Identity Finder information.

What is Identity Finder?

This tool was featured recently by DoIT, but we wanted to cover the information again as it’s a great tool for those interested in ensuring security on their local machines. Identity Finder is a software tool that can help find personally identifiable or sensitive information on your local machine. Finding restricted information allows you to take steps to ensure protection or encryption of that information. (more…)

Tool: ReproZip

Information adapted from

What is ReproZip?

ReproZip is a software packaging tool developed by Fernando Chirigati, Juliana Freire, Rémi Rampin, Dennis Shasha, and Vicky Steeves at NYU. ReproZip is designed to make the computational components of research easier to reproduce across different machines.


Tool: Overleaf & Authorea

Information adapted from Overleaf and Authorea documentation.

What are Overleaf and Authorea?

Overleaf and Authorea are both web-based, real-time collaborative writing and publishing platforms. Both platforms allow for editing in both a rich text editor or in a LaTeX editor. 

What can Overleaf and Authorea help you do?
  • Write in a rich text, WYSIWYG editor
  • Write in a LaTeX editor if you prefer more typesetting control or frequently write mathematics or scientific documents
  • Share with collaborators
  • Include images in your work
  • Import from Zotero, Mendeley, or other citation management tools
  • Use tools such as commenting, version history, spellcheck, pdf download, and Git integration
  • Learn how to author different document types from tutorials and videos available on both sites