October 2017 Brown Bag: Matthew Garcia

The Rebecca J. Holz Series in Research Data Management is a monthly lecture series hosted during the spring and fall academic semesters. Research Data Services invites speakers from a variety of disciplines to talk about their research or involvement with data.

On October 12th, Matthew Garcia, a PhD candidate in Forest Science with the Dept of Forest & Wildlife Ecology at UW-Madison, gave a talk entitled “The accurate data management plan (if such exists) in the presence of ‘Big Data'”. His slides are embedded below and are also available on the Research Data Services Speakerdeck page.


Tools: LabKey Server

LabKey Server is an open source data management platform designed for organizing and managing data from large-scale research; for example, data from thousands of samples and/or subjects. It provides a secure environment for collaborators at different locations to share, combine, and query data. It is an extensible platform, allowing developers to create custom applications for data analysis and visualization through its API (application programming interface).

LabKey has been used in several biomedical research communities to integrate and analyze data from high throughput assays conducted in distributed labs, including the Immune Tolerance Network, the Atlas data portal for HIV Vaccine studies, and others.

LabKey is currently in use at the UW-Madison Primate Center.